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Important News Release: HLAA Strongly Supports Recommendations Of The National Academies Of Sciences, Engineering, And Medicine's Report - 'Hearing Health Care For Adults: Priorities For Improving Access And Affordability'

HLAA strongly supports the recommendations outlined in the Academies’ report. They clearly emphasize that the individual with hearing loss – the consumer – should be the primary focus in the provision of hearing health care. This directly aligns with the mission of HLAA. Please CLICK on the following link for more details: News Release

HLAA Convention 2018 Early Bird Registration And Rocky And Ahme Stone Endowment Scholarship Opportunities

Are you interested in becoming an HLAA chapter leader? There are two opportunities to encourage HLAA Chapter leadership.  State and Chapter officers can register for this year's Convention in Minneapolis at a reduced price.  There is also a spot for one delegate.  The delegate for a Chapter is someone who is interested in becoming a Chapter leader and learning more about HLAA.  The link for this information can be found here:  Details
Also, an opportunity for a Rocky and Ahme Stone Endowment scholarship is available for those who have never attended an HLAA Convention. Special consideration is given for parents of children with hearing loss, and those under the age of 30 who have a hearing loss.  Please CLICK on the following link for details:

American Red Cross: Free Fire Alarms For Deaf And Hard Of Hearing

Did you know that in the interest of reducing injuries and deaths from fires, the American Red Cross is now distributing free fire/smoke alarms to qualifying deaf and hard of hearing Kentuckians? Please CLICK on the following link for details: Free Fire/Smoke Alarms

Get Help Paying For Hearing Aids

Please CLICK on the following link for details: Help Paying For Hearing Aids

The Cochlear Community Invites You!

Explore how the Cochlear family of volunteers can be a resource for those seeking information on advanced hearing solutions.Come to the event on Tuesday January 23rd 2018 at 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Please CLICK on the following link for details: Event

Parents And Pizza! Parent Cafe Meetings

To all parents and guardians of children with hearing loss in the NKY area, come join us for a wonderful networking and learning experience. Please CLICK on the following link: Meetings

Support Group For Individuals Who Are Hard Of Hearing

Please CLICK on the following link for details: Support Group

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is changing its logo and emphasizing branding qualities

Please CLICK on the following link for details: HLAA Logo Change

Obituary for Robert 'Robbie' Deddens

It is with sadness we announce the passing away of our friend and HLAA Kentuckiana Chapter member Robbie Deddens. Please CLICK on the following link: Obituary

Marine Veteran Says HLAA Was a Godsend!

Please CLICK on the following link: Marine Veteran Statement

Know Your Rights During Holiday Travel

HLAA is very much aware of the problems of not being able to hear well in the airport or on the plane, and have been working on this for years. There is no denying it has been a long slow process, but we are moving forward. During this holiday season, here is some information you should familiarize yourself with as you travel. Please CLICK on the following link: Know Your Rights During Holiday Travel

FCC Improves Phone Accessibility For People With Hearing Loss

The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday, October 24 approved updates to various Commission rules for hearing aid compatibility and volume control on wireline and wireless telephones. Please CLICK on the following link for details: FCC Improves Phone Accessibility For People With Hearing Loss

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening To Prevail Under EHDI Act Of 2017

Federal funding for universal newborn hearing screening will prevail until 2022 under the The Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Act of 2017, which officially became law last month. Please CLICK on the following link for details: Universal Newborn Hearing Screening To Prevail

Volunteer for the Listen Up! Project - Heuser Hearing Institute

Every year countless Kentuckians deal with the problems associated with hearing loss and are unable to financially afford the proper care needed to live a normal life. To help fill this void, The Listen Up! Project is creating an opportunity for you or a loved one to volunteer at one of the Heuser Hearing Institute’s charitable foundations partners around Louisville in exchange for credit towards hearing aids. This pilot program has been made possible by a generous donation from Delta Dental of Kentucky’s Making Smiles Happen program. Please CLICK on the following link for more details: Listen Up! Project

'Passing The Gavel' - Jeannie M. Taylor The New Chair Of The Executive Board For KCDHH

Outgoing Chair of the Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Executive Board, Amy Hatzel, culminated the 155th Quarterly Meeting Friday, October 27th, by passing the gavel to her successor, Jeannie M. Taylor.

Ms. Taylor was appointed by Governor Steve Beshear in 2013 to represent Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) on the Kentucky Commission of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Governor Matt Bevin renewed her appointment for a second term which expires June 30, 2019.

In 1983, she graduated from the University of Louisville where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Child Education and Elementary Education. In 1989, she earned a Master’s degree in Community Agency Counseling from Western Kentucky University. After spending 33 years employed as an educator in Kentucky’s public-school system, she is now semi-retired and resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

In addition to her work in the field of education, she completed an Associate’s Degree with an Emphasis in American Sign Language at Nashville State Community College in Nashville, Tennessee. One of the highlights of her education and training occurred when she was accepted into a 2-year program at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. which upon completion in June 2013, certified her as a Peer Mentor for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

For five years, she served as co-founder and co-leader of the HLAA-Bowling Green Chapter and continues to be an advocate for HLAA in that area. Currently she is the HLAA member of the Advisory Committee on the Need for Services for Individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Jeannie considers herself a lifelong learner and plans to continue her commitment to providing education, advocacy and support to those who are deaf or hard of hearing throughout the Commonwealth. 

The following is KCDHH's Vision Statement. Please CLICK on the link: KCDHH Vision Statement

HLAA 2018 Convention Early-Bird Registration Now Open

It is time to register for the HLAA2018 Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota! Early-bird registration is open through March 31, 2018. Rates will increase starting April 1, so be sure to sign up ASAP! Please CLICK on the link for details: HLAA 2018 Convention Early-Bird Registration

Congressman Brett Guthrie's Early Hearing Bill Passes The House. Next Step Is The President's Desk!

The Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Act passed the House floor near the start of this month. Please CLICK on the following link for more details: Early Hearing Detection And Intervention Act 

ATTENTION: Do Not Download Apple® iOS 11 If You Use The CAPTEL Mobil App!

Please read the following special notice from the Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH): Special Notice

Hearing Health Foundation And Hearing Loss Association Of America 2017 Survey

Hearing Health Foundation and the Hearing Loss Association of America are working together to better serve our constituents’ needs as well as help raise awareness of the effect of hearing loss. To get to know you better, we ask that you complete the survey below.  We look forward to sharing the results of this survey with you in an upcoming issue of Hearing Health magazine. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 212-257-6140 or email Please CLICK on the following link to continue: Survey

Senate Passes The Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017 Bringing Affordable And Accessible Hearing Health Care Closer to Reality

The U.S. Senate today passed the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017. The bill was already passed by the House of Representatives on July 12. With this groundbreaking legislation Congress has sent a message to America that people with hearing loss need – and deserve – more affordable and accessible hearing health care. Please CLICK on the following link for more details: Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Act Of 2017

IDD And Severe Emotional Disabilities Survey For Parents And Caregivers

The Kentucky Commission OnThe Deaf And Hard of Hearing (KCDHH) has been asked by the Kentucky Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities and the Human Development Institute-UK to distribute the following information about a survey they are conducting. Please CLICK on one of the following links for more information and please participate in this survey if you are a parent or a caregiver. Thank you! Spanish Version  English Version

Make Your Voice Heard Today – Congress to Vote Soon on Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids!

Sometime in the next few weeks both the Senate and House of Representatives will vote on the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017 (Senate bill S. 670; House bill H.R. 1652), which, if passed, will require the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to create a new category of hearing aids that can be sold over the counter. Your assistance is needed! Please CLICK on the following link: Action Alert!

It Is Good To Be Prepared When Pulled Over By The Police

This news article describes an item called The Pullover Pal. It is a pocket type folder that can hold driver’s license, insurance, registration etc. and can be draped over the window for quick access if one is pulled over by the police. This is especially helpful if one might have trouble hearing police instructions and accessing different locations in the vehicle might create anxiety and questions from the officer. Having everything in one place could make things easier and less stressful. Please CLICK on the following link for more details: Article 

You can also purchase Deaf and Hard of Hearing Cards which identify you as HOH/deaf and may ease misunderstandings. Please CLICK on the following link for more information: Cards 

The Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH) has visor alerts available as well. Please CLICK on the following link to access their website: KCDHH

Major Looping Story In San Francisco Newspaper

Please CLICK on the following link: Looping Story

Legislation Pushes For Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids

There are 48 million people with hearing loss in America, and up to 85 percent of people who could benefit from a hearing aid don't use one. To solve the problem, lawmakers are considering a cheaper, over-the-counter option. Please CLICK on the following link: Interview

Millions Of People Need Cheaper Hearing Aids Expert Warns

Barbara Kelley from the Hearing Loss Association of America told NBC News that it is vital for Congress to act to provide millions of hearing-impaired Americans with less expensive, quality hearing aids. Please CLICK on the following link: Interview

Report on Meeting Of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Advisory Committee on August 16th 2017 (Kentucky Division of Behavioral Health)

Please CLICK on the following link to view this report: Meeting Report

Medicare/Medicaid And Improving Access to Hearing Aids And Related Examinations

On March 27, Representative Debbie Dingell of Michigan introduced the Medicare Hearing Aid Coverage Act of 2015. Representative Dingell spoke of the need for change. Representative Dingell’s bill would improve access to hearing aids and related examinations by removing part of the Social Security Act that prevents Medicare from covering hearing aids. The bill also directs the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a study on insurance programs that provide services to help with hearing loss. Please CLICK on the following link to learn more: Medicaid Hearing Aid Coverage Act of 2015

City Council Passes Legislation Making Public Meeting & Hearing Spaces Permanently Accessible To Those With Hearing Loss

In a major step forward for both accessibility and civic engagement, the New York City Council passed legislation today requiring that public assembly areas constructed or renovated using City dollars install "Hearing Loop" technology for those with hearing loss.Please CLICK on the following link for more details: City Council Hearing Loop Legislation

Are You A Parent With Hearing Loss?

The University of Louisville Audiology Program is conducting a study to explore the impact of hearing loss on adult children whose parents are hard of hearing. Please CLICK on the following link for more details: Survey

Announcement Of Research Study Relating to Investigational Treatment For Sudden Hearing Loss

Please CLICK on the following link for details: Research Study Announcement

Let's Keep Making History...

Please CLICK on the following link: Let's Keep Making History...

More Hearing Loops In Louisville - Read All About It!

Please CLICK on the following link to read this message from Jean Haynes, Coordinator Assistant for Ron Haynes
Hearing Loss Association of America Kentucky Chapters Coordinator: 
More Hearing Loops For Louisville

Join the HearingJourney™ Online Forum

The HearingJourney™ online forum is the premier place to chat, laugh, learn, and share stories about cochlear implants and hearing loss. It has over 30,000 participants, so why not register with it today. Please CLICK on the following link: Online Forum

Act Now! Fight A Serious Attack On The ADA!

The ADA is once again under attack by another "Notification" bill. The bill would erect major barriers to people enforcing their ADA rights gained 26 years ago. This bill is different than before: there is far more support for it, in both parties. Please CLICK on the following link for more details and act now: Act Now! 

HLAA KY Home Chapter Thanks you!

Thank you for helping HLAA KY Home participate in the Kroger Rewards Program. Your participation and assistance is greatly appreciated. Please consider re-enrolling August 1 to keep HLAA KY Home involved. Re-enrollment starts on August 1st. Here is how to re-enroll:

§  Go to
§  Click the blue Sign In tab at top of the page.
§  Enter your email address and password and click the blue Sign In tab.
§  From the department menu, click Community, then Community Rewards
§  From Community Rewards, click on the Edit or Re-enroll button.
§  Then, 
a.  Find Organization    (Search by keyword or nonprofit organization number - NPO #)
b.  Select Organization (Click the button to the left of the organization)
c.  Save your Selection (Click the Save button to save your selection.)
§  Call 1-800-KROGERS, Option #3, with questions.  

Would You Like To Volunteer for the Meniere's Disease Research Study?

The Ménière’s disease research study is evaluating the safety and effectiveness of an investigational drug for Ménière’s disease. Study volunteers will be monitored closely by their study doctor. Please CLICK on the following link for details: Research Study

Your Donation to HLAA Supports Consumer Choice

In October HLAA enthusiastically endorsed a new report to the President focused on new innovations in hearing device technology and increased choice for consumers of hearing aids. The findings of the report serve to open the market for new innovation in hearing device technologies and also increase choice for consumers of hearing aids. HLAA looks forward to engaging all stakeholders to ensure everything possible is being done to put the recommendations of the report into action. Your donation is an important part of HLAA’s work in support of consumer choice. Please CLICK on the following link for details: Donation

Important News! Historic Changes Coming For Access to Hearing Aid Compatible Wireless Phones

Please CLICK on the following link to learn more: Important News

HLAA Strongly Supports Recommendations of PCAST Report "Aging America & Hearing Loss: Imperative of Improved Hearing Technologies"

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), the nation’s leading organization representing people with hearing loss, enthusiastically endorses a new report issued by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). Please CLICK on the following link to read the details: PCAST Report

Hone Your Listening Skills With The LACE Program (Software)

Even people with normal hearing can have poor listening skills and miss portions of what is being said. For people with hearing loss—even those with hearing aids or cochlear implants—understanding speech in difficult listening environments can be a real challenge. The good news is your brain can be retrained to listen. Please CLICK on the following link to learn more: Hone Your Listening Skills

A Cure For Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Is Within Our Grasp

Please CLICK on the following link to read up on the recent work carried out by the Hearing Health Foundation: Curing Hearing Loss